The Podtoid Boys want to answer your questions tonight, so ask them now


Hot hot heat

It’s too stinking hot out. My brain feels like it’s melting. I hardly know what day it is anymore because I’ve spent the better part of the month working at a summer skate camp. Teaching kids how to kickflip is cool, but dang it’s hard for an Internet Blogger like me to be outside for long stretches of time.

My inability to put together a coherent thought is where you come in. Brett, Steven, and I are recording a new episode of Podtoid tonight, and as always, we want your best (or worst) questions.

So, what’s on your mind, Dtoid? Ask us all of your burning questions in the comment section. We’ll put our heads together, pool our collective wit, and dispense knowledge during tonight’s episode.

Oh, and while I have your attention: Podtoid’s back on Twitter!