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The Quiet Man's new game plus will feature sound

The Loud Man

The gimmick with Square Enix’s upcoming The Quiet Man is that you’ll play as a deaf and silent protagonist that has to fight on instinct alone. Due to this, the game only features sound effects for special attacks and moments, lacking any dialogue or ambient noise during regular play. With a free update coming out one week after launch, that is set to change.

For The Quiet Man’s new game plus mode, players will be able to experience the game with the audio restored. This will include dialogue from other characters and regular environmental audio from the game world. It should bring a different element to the game, though it may rob the title of its distinct edge.

As for the script, The Quiet Man will support 29 languages at launch. I’m not sure if that will carry over to the new game plus option for audio, but that likely wouldn’t matter for a character that can’t hear anyway.

The Quiet Man second playthrough adds sounds and speech [Gematsu]

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