The rewards for the Final Fantasy XIV Hatching-tide Easter event look dope


Go eat an egg

The Final Fantasy XIV Hatching-tide event is almost upon us, and will kick off on April 13 at 1AM PT until April 27 at 7:59AM PT.

To start the event, just head to Jihli Aliapoh in Old Gridania (what a happening spot!) at X:10.2 and Y:9.4. Like all prior seasonal events, the questline will likely be very short, repeatable, and will grant you some rewards for participating. This year that includes the adorable hatching bunny minion, the “eat egg” emote (people love their emotes) and an eggsemplary basket, as well as a hatching-tide mobile (like a baby mobile).

Final Fantasy XIV Hatching-tide will actually be implemented directly after patch 6.1, Newfound Adventure, arrives. So in other words, there’s about to be a dearth of content for the game that’s been hit with completely understandable patch delays, as folks wade around the 6.0 pool trying to find things to do.

You can find a recap of what 6.1 will entail below!

Here are the main talking points for Endwalker‘s first big patch:

  • New Main story quests (which will sew the seeds for a new journey)
  • More beast tribe quests
  • Crystalline Conflict, a PVP mode
  • An ultimate challenge (Dragonsong’s Reprise)
  • Ultima’s Bane unreal
  • More job adjustments (more details in the upcoming letter)
  • Myths of the Realm alliance raid (24-person)
  • Hildibrand is coming back in patch 6.15 (a mid-way 6.1 patch later on)
  • A Tataru focused sidequest chain
  • Ishgardian housing
  • More adjustments for the Trust system, including old dungeons