The Spider-Man PS4 Pro bundle splashes the white logo across a red console


$400, pre-orders open today

Sony pulled out the big guns at San Diego Comic-Con as far as promoting Spider-Mangoes. Accompanying an incredible story trailer, Sony has revealed a new Spider-Man-themed PlayStation 4 Pro bundle.

This $400 bundle includes a PS4 Pro with a 1TB hard drive, the Spider-Mangame, and a red and white controller. The most obvious reason for buying this particular model is its flashy Spider-Manlogo splashed across the front of the console. Insomniac’s white spider logo is a divisive look for Spidey’s costume, but it seems like a better fit smack dab on top of a bright red PS4.

Sony says that pre-orders will open today for the Spider-ManPlayStation 4 Pro bundle, but no one has it available at time of writing. Camp this page if you’re interested in buying in. It should show up on September 7 — the day that Spider-Manlaunches. Anyone who’s in need of an extremely red console couldn’t ask for anything better.

If you need a closer look, all the pack shots are included in the gallery below.

Introducing the Limited Edition Marvel’s Spider-Man PS4 Pro Bundle [PlayStation Blog]