The Spyro Reignited Trilogy will have a welcome old/new music toggle setting


I’m into both

Spyromight not be the most consistent series, but I’m looking forward to maxing and relaxing with the ReignitedTrilogylater this year. It helps that Spyroas a whole has a really chill soundtrack fromStewart Copeland — member of the famous group The Police.

Copeland, and some of you might not know this, actuallyworked on the original trilogy and is returning to create a new theme song for Reignited. It’s wild, I know, and you’ll be able to enjoy the original music in the remastered trilogy by way of a toggle button.

Activision has announced that anytime, even in-game, players can swap between the two scores with a simple option menu toggle. You can hear the difference between them in the video below — as well as a tease for the new theme — both eras are great!