The Switch could use more party games: Abraca: Imagic Games is coming


In May

After the mad rush of the Switch’s launch, we’re entering a small lull before the summer rush begins. A handful of indie developers are taking advantage of this period, including Ankama, who just announced thatAbraca: Imagic Gamesis headed to the system in May.

Abracahas been on PC for almost a year, and was met with a semi-positive reception. Hopefully the Switch port goes swimmingly! It could use more four-player party games. The gist is that one player will take on the role of a hero (either a prince or princess) while the other three play the role of the baddies, swapping out after each level.

The video showcases its unique multiplayer angle, which has the one hero on the TV while the other three connect by way of their own tablets (read: for this setup you’ll need four tablets).