The Switch port studio responsible for Doom and Rocket League is in high demand, has another project to announce in July


They also handled Wolfenstein

Panic Button has been busy recently because of the Nintendo’s latest device. Although the studio has done contract work here and there for a variety of different clients they’ve made the Switch their home this year, and have become the go-to authority for Bethesda on all matters Nintendo — on top of providing a Rocket Leagueport for Psyonix.

They’re not done yet either, as apparently they’ve been making noise around the development circuit with their AAA Switch ports. The big news to come out of E3? Studio co-owner Adam Creighton informed Variety that they have “another major port” to announce sometime in July.

Creighton feels like the Switch can compete day-and-date with other platforms when it comes to AAA, which is something he’d naturally say to drum up business, but actually has some truth to it given how well they’ve handled themselves so far.Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus will be their next test when it hits Switch on June 29.

‘Doom’ Makes Argument for Switch as Simultaneous Release Platform, Dev Says [Variety]