The Tokyo fire department is using Animal Crossing as a cute way to disseminate safety tips


First stop: how to prevent heat strokes

We’ve seen several entities use Animal Crossing: New Horizonsas a new way to spread information or teach folks: but now the Tokyo fire department is joining in on the fun.

Revealed last week, the official Tokyo fire department Twitter account has noted that the staff will be “relocated” to a digital island, where they’ll “transmit” information to folks on how to stay safe and prevent disasters. As a kid, I would have went wild for these kinds of gimmicks revolving around games.

More recently the account made its first post, giving out tips on how to prevent a heat stroke (frequent hydration, wear a hat, use an air conditioner) and stop drowning incidents (watch your kids, don’t swim after drinking, pay attention to inclement weather). The accompanying New Horizonsimage shows a fire department member’s avatar sitting near a fan to beat the heat.

It’s the exact wholesome content we need right now!

Tokyo Fire Department [Twitter] Thanks John!

ã€ã‚‚ã†ã™ã梅雨明ã‘ã€å¤ã®äº‹æ•…ã«æ³¨æ„ã—よã†ã€‘熱中症防止対策â‘ã“ã¾ã‚ãªæ°´åˆ†è£œçµ¦ã€â‘¡å¸½å­ã‚’ã‹ã¶ã‚‹ã€â‘¢ã‚¨ã‚¢ã‚³ãƒ³ã‚„自然風ã§æ°—温を下ã’る。水ã®äº‹æ•…防止対策â‘å­ã©ã‚‚ã‹ã‚‰ç›®ã‚’離ã•ãªã„ã€â‘¡é£²é…’後ã«æ³³ãŒãªã„ã€â‘¢æ°—象情å±ç­‰ã«æ³¨æ„ã™ã‚‹ã€‚詳ã—ãã¯ã€€熱中症防止 #ã©ã†ã¶ã¤ã®æ£®

— æ±äº¬æ¶ˆé˜²åº (@Tokyo_Fire_D) July 25, 2020