The very first level of Mirror's Edge is being remade in Dying Light


An almost perfect 1:1 recreation

I know the original Mirror’s Edge like the back of my hand. That’s doubly true for the very first level, as it was in the demo, and is also the best level in the full release. I’ve probably played that level hundreds of times by now, so take it from me that this recreation with Dying Light’s mod tools is ridiculously faithful.

Developed by modder Elimina, this WIP map aims to be an exact 1:1 remake of Mirror’s Edge’s prologue, made using 108 different screenshots to make sure everything is in the right place. If you want to compare it to the original level, here is a speedrun. There are a few places where the proportions don’t seem to be quite right, but I assume that’s to ensure it’s actually playable in Dying Light.

Right now, the level ends once you’ve escaped the building, which is just about the half-way point through the level. Unfortunately, while Elimina has a list of things that need doing to finish the map, the modder may be too busy for the time being to get it done.

Either way, this is super cool. Many games have tried first-person parkour since Mirror’s Edge, but Dying Light is the first game I feel’s actually managed to pull it off well. I’m definitely giving this a go as soon as I can!

Oh, and Elimina also dida 1:1 recreation of Assassin’s Creed 2 and Brotherhood’s Monteriggioni as well.

Someone Is Making Mirror’s Edge In Dying Light [Kotaku]

Someone Is Making Mirror’s Edge In Dying Light