The Voice still looks like garbage, but I want to play it


♫ I got garbage~~! On a clooooudy day~! ♫

Let it be known that I play any and all karaoke games, no matter how bad they are. Hell, I even bought Disney’s Sing It because I thought there might be a couple Hannah Montana songs I could rock out to. But I think Activision’s The Voice might just take the cake as far as a lack of effort goes. Just look at the hand on the game cover. Is that the Silver Surfer’s hand? The Silver Skeeter?

Here are a bunch of new screens and a glimpse at some of the songs. Looks like it’ll include “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun,” “Light ‘Em Up” (that’s like, new Fall Out Boy or something), and some other junk that was on the show. “Stay” is included too. Oh, and “What Does the Fox Say?” is a bonus song for unlockable, terrible renditions. Honestly, the lineup isn’t looking good so far.

How is this even remotely like the show it’s promoting? What’s up with the song lineup? And what’s up with the horrible silhouettes of people instead of character models? And they want you to drop $49.99 for this thing. I’ll tell you this much — I’ll probably still buy it right away, because I have to support every music game. They’re dying off, you know.

The Voice drops October 21.