The Warcraft movie might bomb in the US, but overseas receipts may make it the top earning video game film of all time


$300m and climbing to Prince of Persia’s $330m record

In the US, the Warcraft film can pretty much only been seen as a bomb — at least when it comes to its opening weekend. It’s expected to make $24.3 million at the box office this weekend (against a budget of $160 million, not including marketing), putting it soundly behind The Conjuring 2 at the #2 spot. But China is single-handedly saving the film.

As one of the most successful openings ever in that region it grossed $144.5 million, and broke multiple records in the process. Along with other countries worldwide, that places the Warcraft film at roughly $301 million during its opening week sprawl. That puts it well within reach of Prince of Persia, which is the highest grossing video game film ever at $336m worldwide.

So yes, even though it’s not doing well in the US, Warcraft could very well be the most successful video game film to date. All it needs to do is put up roughly $29 million during the rest of its run. And that’s not including any merchandising deals or video/streaming profits. By all accounts the film is already a winner.

It would be fitting in a way, given its marquee status among gaming culture, and director Duncan Jones has a lot to proud of despite poor reviews.

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