The Wheel of Time PC game is back thanks to GOG and Nightdive


It’s a part of the Good Old Game section

Robert Jordan’s fantasy novel series The Wheel of Time had a PC game in 1999, and now it’s back with an easily accessible digital release from GOG and Nightdive Studios.

Legend Entertainment’s The Wheel of Time showed up on GOG today with “modern OS compatibility and hi-resolution support,” and I’d call it a very pleasant surprise, even as someone who never played this first-person spellcasting game originally. I was nine! My only real experience with the books was seeing my uncle’s shelf full of them.

That said, just at a glance, the idea of a fantasy-themed Unreal Engine FPS with magic seems neat, regardless of the source material. Even just the HUD elements look intriguing.

The Wheel of Time 1999 PC game combat screenshot
The Wheel of Time (1999).

The Wheel of Time is currently $8.99 until Wednesday, April 13 (at which point it’ll bump up to its normal price point of $9.99), and it’s playable on Windows 7, 8, 10, and 11.

The beauty of re-released passion projects like this is giving fans a chance to play old favorites again without jumping through hoops, and potentially pulling in curious new players at the exact same time. I mean, go on, make a show of it. Rally the fans.

On that front, it’s nice to hear that GOG is “reviving” its original branding with a dedicated Good Old Game tag on the storefront that’s meant to highlight “500 games that our Team has deemed iconic classics.” While GOG has branched beyond a classics-only focus in order to sell modern games, it still wants to be known as “the best place for classic PC games.” Lending more discoverability to these curated classics is a small but helpful step.

Whenever an old PC game gets a new lease on life, I want to check out the opening cinematic. And wouldn’t you know it, GOG’s got the intro right here.

There was something so special about seeing a full-blown intro like this before gearing up to actually play the game. I feel like they’re such a lost art in the modern gaming era.