The Witcher colouring book being published by Dark Horse Comics


Geralt of Crayola

Dark Horse Comics have collaborated with CD Projekt RED to produce an adult colouring book featuring characters and scenes from the intense, sexy and action-packed Witcher series.

Unfortunately adult colouring book appears to refer to the fact that the book is of the modern, stress-relieving kind, popular among post-pubescent folk in recent years, as opposed to it referring to “adult” in the X-rated sense.

Regardless, two images have been released from the upcoming activity book, one depicting protagonist Geralt doing his arm-removing, monster-hunting thing, whilst another is a representation of his famous bathtub-chillin’ scene from the critically acclaimed Witcher 3.

The colouring book is set for release on November 1, priced at around $15. Try to stay within the lines. Actually, screw it, go outside of the lines, there’s no rules to art, man.

Together with @DarkHorseComics we’re proud to announce The Witcher adult coloring book!

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