The World Ends with You anime premieres in Japan April 9


Check out its raptastic opening right here

Square Enix has announced that the anime adaptation of hip JRPG The World Ends with You will premiere in Japan on April 8. The publisher released a new music video, which features a rap remix of the show’s original opening theme “Teenage City Riot” as performed by ALI and guest vocalist R-Shitei.

The hype-looking series is a joint production of Domerica and Shin-Ei Animation and is a straight retelling of the narrative from the stylish 2007 DS/Switch release. The plot details the twisted tale of protagonist Neku Sakuraba, who awakens on an unnerving alternate plane known as The Underground (UG). Journeying through this split reality, Nebu will encounter a host of friends and enemies as he attempts to make sense of his situation and uncover the truth behind the events that lead to his incarceration.

While The World Ends with You: The Animation is set to officially make its debut on April 9, a “Pre-Broadcast Special Program” is set to air a week prior on April 2. No doubt this preview will offer a sneak-peek at the stylistic series, stoking the hype fires one final time before its official release.

The World Ends with You: The Animation begins airing April 9 [Gematsu]