The Xbox Elite controller's app lets you customize everything


But when will we get sexy colors?

At around 38:33 in the video above, we get our first in-depth look at the Xbox Elite’s controller app, and it looks awesome. The app allows you to configure your controller in basically every way imaginable from stick sensitivity curves, trigger sensitivity, swapping buttons, and more. This is on top of the controller’s customizable sticks and D-pad.

The app allows you to save up to 256 configuration profiles, saving two at a time to the controller itself (selectable via a physical switch). Developers will have special profiles uploaded for their games that you can download and use as well, though that begs the question — why not just include those in the games themselves?

Either way, I’m personally looking forward to the controller. It may be a bit pricey, but it looks like you get a lot of functionality for that cost.