The Yo-Kai Watch anime is coming to the UK, 100 more territories


Global domination by Level-5

IfYo-Kai Watch isn’t a massive hit outside of Japan, it seems like Level-5 is intent on making it happen.

Nintendo stillhasn’t boasted about the sales figures yet in the US, which has me wondering whether or not it did well over here. But as that bit of info remains unknown the anime rages on, and the toy lines (including the titular watch itself) are starting to roll out across the country. I’ve seen tons of merchandise at many stores recently popping up, including GameStop.

The franchise is coming to the UK soon as well, as Level-5 has just announced that the anime is coming there, in addition to 100 other regions.The exact broadcast channel for the UK hasn’t been revealed yet, and the game still doesn’t have a European release date as of the time of this writing.

As a reminder, the official YouTube channel provides English language episodes after they air — you can watch the first one below. I’m still enjoying it!