The Zelda: Twilight Princess manga is lighting up the graphic novel sales charts


I thought about writing this post right to left

With no new Zeldasince Breath of the Wild, people are turning to different mediums to get their fix. Although no one really associates Zeldawith manga, the fandom of Nintendo’s beloved franchise runs so deep that its appeal stretches much further than just video games.

That’s why the newest edition of the Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princessmanga performed so well. According to July 2019 US sales data, the fifth volume (which released on July 9) was the fourth best-selling graphic novel last month. Akira Himekawa’s adaption of the Twilight Princessstory has been steadily rolling out two volumes a year ever since early 2017, but this is 2019’s first installment.

Despite ranking fourth, Twilight Princesssold the best of all manga. A ton of My Hero Academiafills out the top 20. The top three slots are taken by The Adventure Zone(which is based on the McElroy brothers’Dungeons & Dragonspodcast) and George Takei’s They Called Us Enemy.

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