There won't be a public beta of the latest Halo: The Master Chief Collection update


Maybe the public should be testing, though?

The Halo: Master Chief Collection saga has been a tumultuous one. It was released back in November, and we’re still hearing about fixes and updates. But there’s a team hard at work on delivering a smooth experience for players, and trying to make things right. Unfortunately, it looks like we’ll be in the dark a little longer as far as actually experiencing the updates being discussed.

Previously, there was some talk of allowing players to participate in a public beta test of the upcoming content update, but now that’s been nixed. It’s all here in the latest blog over at Halo Waypoint. After determining that making a public beta available for players to aid in testing would delay the update itself, 343 Industries has pulled the plug and taken testing in-house.

Due to an “extra series of required updates and rollbacks” that made the team “step back and reexamine the CU beta,” it decided focusing on things with the internal team would be a better idea. And you can’t fault them on that, but public input would probably have been quite valuable.

In any case, 343 Industries will give us an ETA for when the update will finally go live as soon as possible. Hopefully this is quite soon, because I want to see games with issues resolved as much as anyone, and it’s been a long time coming for this one.

Halo Community Update 2.9.15 [Halo Waypoint]