There's a hidden Elden Ring wall that takes 50 hits to reveal, and now people are going to try it everywhere


Give it a shot

Ever tried hitting a hidden Elden Ring wall 50 times? Well community member teristam has! It just looked so suspicious that they couldn’t resist.

The wall is located in the Volcano Manor, which is roughly halfway into the game (depending on your progress, it might be earlier or later). What’s particularly funny about this wall is that you can actually access the room completely normally, by walking into it via its front entrance from the main hall. There’s nothing hidden about the room itself; only the tertiary hidden Elden Ring wall. And the kicker? It takes 50 swings to actually open the wall up.

This sort of discovery is enough to drive a lot of Souls-like community members mad for a week. What other walls are “50 swings deep?” And are there actual rewards behind those theoretical walls? Someone out there is going to find out, and I would count on an “all walls hit, banana controller run” by the end of the week. It’s the Souls way.

Look, I’ve been there. There are illusory walls that look so obvious that I’ve slashed them every which way to Sunday to try and uncover a hidden path. Sometimes I end up finding a nearby wall! Sometimes I go on my way: because otherwise, I’d be there all day trying to force a square peg through a round hole.