There's a new Tekken game for iOS and Android


Collect ’em all

It’s hard to imagine many Tekken players tearing themselves away from Tekken 7 for a new free-to-play mobile game, but maybe curiosity will get the better of them. That’s why I’m here!

Tekken Mobile is touting 100+ characters; a map-based campaign mode that’ll have you creating teams of three fighters to (eventually) take on a new threat, the Revenant; live events; and an online versus mode where “players compete against friends and the community, record, and upload their own in-game fighting styles into the AI of their dojo to defend it and prove that they are the best.”

The game has already soft-launched in Canada on iOS and Android, with Bandai Namco doing that whole “pre-register to earn rewards for everyone” thing on this website ahead of the worldwide launch.

Are you open to touch-based fighters, or is that just a no-go for you regardless of the IP?