There's a storm brewing in Fortnite update 9.20


Lightning in a Bottle, literally

Epic Games battle royale juggernaut Fortnite has received its latest patch, bringing the multiplayer shooter to version 9.20. As is almost always the case, the update brings a selection of interesting new weapons and tools to the game’s arsenal along with various mode adjustments and bug fixes.

Leading the pack is the all new “Storm Flip” item, a hand-thrown item that can create a small, localised storm effect for 20 seconds within the area of impact. Conversely, the item can be used to instantly quell any storms that your opponents may have triggered. This hand held chaos creator is an Epic rarity item and can be found in chests and vending machines.

This week’s limited time event is Sword Quest, which raises the level of all chest loot weaponry to Epic or higher, while adding the powerful Infinity Blade into the mix. Speaking of weaponry, the Mounted Turret, Boom Bow and Slipstream have all seen tweaks, while the Hunting Rifle has been vaulted, having been surpassed in the meta by the Infantry Rifle.

For fans of Creative Mode, new additions include the thunder-creating Storm Device, Transmitters and Receivers, and a new island, which is desert-themed and features a mighty canon. New “Pueblo” pre-fabs have also been added to the sandbox. Accompanying all of the above is a list of gameplay tweaks, UI adjustments and bug fixes. For full details, check out the official Fortnite blog right here.

Fortnite is available now on PS4, PC, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and iOS and Android devices.