There's a Zelda crossover in Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate


Here’s hoping for more Nintendo collaborations

It warms my heart to see a hunter dressed up like Link slashing away at a Barroth.

Nintendo and Capcom have shown off their Zelda crossover for next month‘s Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate on Switch. We’re getting armor inspired by Breath of the Wild and a couple of nods to Wind Waker. You can dress up your Palico as a Korok or, better yet, a little Toon Link.

The footage will look familiar to longtime Monster Hunter players. I’m hoping we see some all-new Nintendo collaborations once Ultimate is out on Switch. Waluigi, anyone?

Between this Monster Hunter cameo and the just-released Breath of the Wild update for Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Link’s new look is really making the rounds. I’m getting pumped for his next full Zelda adventure.