There's already a fix for Tales of Symphonia's bad PC port


You can always count on Durante

Tales of Symphonia released on Steam this week, and buyer beware — you’re in for a scare.

Bandai Namco’s PC version is based on the PS3 port of the PS2 port of the cherished 2003 GameCube title, and even by modest standards, it’s a poor effort. Notably, frame rate and resolution locks strike again, but there are also reports of bad or outright broken localizations, crashes, weirdly long load times, and DRM that “generates randomly named executable files for each run.”

Peter “Durante” Thoman, who you might know from his contributions to PC ports of games like Dark Souls, Deadly Premonition, and Lightning Returns, is on the case.

His initial fix took less than 15 minutes, and he has since put in a few hours of work to release a “preliminary” plugin for his GeDoSaTo utility that addresses the port’s common visual complaints. As ever, it’s available for free on his blog. What a total champ.

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