There's an outfit in Tri Force Heroes you need local friends to unlock


Internet friends aren’t real

With the release of Tri Force Heroes only a week or so away now, little bits of information about the game are now starting to leak out in the run up to release. Perhaps most interesting so far, Nintendo doesn’t consider your online friends real friends.

In an interview with website 4Gamer(translated by Nintendo Everything),Eiji Aonuma and Hiromasa Shikata confirmed that one outfit in the game can only be collected by proving your friendship, sat in a room with other people.

This secret unlockable outfit is earned in game by collecting an unspecified number of an item called “Proof of Friendship.” These items can only be collected while playing the game in local multiplayer.

Yep, you cannot acquire “Proof of Friendship” if your friends live somewhere else. Remember kids, your internet friends are not real friends.

Oh, and you can’t play multiplayer between regions. Yeah, no foreign friends allowed either.