There's finally a trailer for the Tomb Raider movie



After weeks of an information-drip on the newTomb Raider,we finally have a trailer to sink our teeth into. Boy, do we have a lot to talk about.

From the trailer, this appears to be a direct adaption of 2013’sTomb Raidervideogame. Not only does the plot hit the same beats, but everything, from Lara’s costume design to the emphasis on her bow and axe, indicate they’re closely following the roadmap thatTomb Raider(the game) laid out years ago.

That would be all fine and good, but there are disconcerting things about this trailer. I was in high hopes that Alicia Vikander would pull off the role, but she seems so stiff in the trailer. The physical feats look amazing, but more often than not Vikander looks disinterested in the action happening around her – sad, especially given how talented of an actor she is.

What’s more is that the trailer is riddled with generic tropes of the format that induce laughter more than anything. When Lara says something? “Bum-Bum”. When she receives a message from her dead dad? “Bum-Bum”. When it’s stated that the world is in danger? Guess what. “Bum-Bum”. I swear, it sounds like the Law and Order theme song to me. So far, they ‘aint doing a good job selling me on this movie. Cliched dialogue, wooden performances, and a poorly made trailer? Don’t tell me – could a video game adapted into a film – be bad?

Well, it’s still too early for a judgement like that, but the fact remains that aside from some neat-o looking action, this trailer falls flat. Here’s hoping the next one that they churn out can do a little better.

Tomb Raider – Official Trailer #1 [Youtube]