There's no turning back for Outriders' superhuman outcasts


The Other Guys

We are less than a month out from the release of People Can Fly’s class-based sci-fi shooter Outriders. Publisher Square Enix has released a short animated trailer offering an abridged version of the events that led to a squad of no-hopers somehow becoming the makeshift saviors of humanity.

With the Earth on its last legs and the best of society’s experts lying in ash, the final hope for mankind lies in an expedition party made up of expendable mercenaries – tasked to explore the planet Enoch in hopes of finding a new world for colonization. Things go awry fast, however, when a powerful energy storm blasts the planet’s inhabitants, infusing everything in its path with powerful elemental abilities, including our unlikely heroes.

Outriders, which launches on PS4, PS5, PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X on April 4, is a co-op heavy squad-based shooter, with an emphasis on classes, gear, and build types. A demo, now available for free on all platforms, has already found favor with an army of fans, which bodes well for the title’s official release. You can check out our own Chris Carter’s thoughts on said demo right here.