Thirsty for details about Song of the Deep? Drink up this video


Not my best headline

Us folks at Destructoid didn’t attend PAX South this year, so we’ve been keeping our collective eyes on any information that continues to dribble out now that it’s over. Windows Centralattended the event, and was able to snag Insomniac for an interview about the upcoming Song of the Deep (which we recently learned is being [bafflingly] published by GameStop).

The gentleman from Insomniac talks about the various abilities the main character Merryn will use, including a magnetic claw and energy torpedoes. Song of the Deep is said to be 50% combat, and 50% puzzle solving. The team has been wanting to work on a Metroidvania for a while, and I can’t get enough of ’em, so I’m ready to play it this summer.