This clip of a Demon's Souls player wrecking That One Black Phantom brings me joy


Death to the Mind Flayer

I’ve died way too many embarrassing deaths to that one pain-in-the-ass Black Phantom Mind Flayer who guards the treacherous staircase leading up to the Maneaters, and it’s time for some revenge.

This Demon’s Souls clip – captured by Reddit user Menicent – will do just fine.

I hate this Mind Flayer the most, so this felt good from r/demonssouls

The player calmly strolls up while the Mind Flayer’s back is turned, swoops in for a two-handed backstab before it can turn around to fire off a spell, and unceremoniously knocks the creep off the edge. I like to imagine that a pack of Man Centipedes picked its corpse apart. You know, Souls stuff.

Am I getting too much enjoyment out of a simple gameplay clip? Yeah. But I’m not alone. These guys are such a nuisance, especially in New Game+ runs. I’ll cheer on their demise every chance I get.

Vicarious revenge is still revenge!