This fan-created steel Switch dock is slick


The Smash logo is a fine representation of the Switch era

I’ve always toyed with the idea of getting a sturdier or steel Switch dock, and this custom creation is making that a lot easier to pull the trigger on.

Crafted by Destroyer1102 of Reddit, the dock was crafted out of steel for a class prototype. Destroyer1102 says the pattern was a “surprise,” and ended up turning out better than expected after brushing off the rust. So, the elephant in the room! A lot of people were wondering how the steel doesn’t damage the Switch screen, which the creator had a reply for: “the screen is actually unharmed since the dock is inside the metal case.”

Another crafter suggested putting vents on the backside to plan for potential heat issues with the Switch when playing while docked. Someone else suggested allowing the Smash logo to light up. There’s so much potential when it comes to custom creations like this, especially with 3D printing being far more accessible.

As a reminder if you’re in the dock market, Nintendo is selling the Switch OLED dock with the LAN port separately now. Also, there’s a ton of special edition docks on eBay periodically, in case you needed one for another room in your house. I ended up getting three through various means of Switch ownership!

Steel Switch dock gallery: