This Freedom Wars convention-like event sounds amazing


I want to be there, but it’s Japan-only

Like many great things in life, this upcoming Freedom Wars event is Japan-only. Drat.

What’s Freedom Warsyou say? Well it’s the best Vita game released last year, and Sony seems to have some love for it too. The event is called the “Sinners Festival” in reference to the populace in the game’s dystopian world, and it will be in Osaka this weekend on January 10, from 11:00 AM to 18:00 PM.

You can check out the layout in the map above, where multiple locations will sell exclusive merch and provide game-related quiz programs. Apparently something will also happen during the 18:00 finale — so we could be seeing an expansion-esque, sequel, or DLC announcement.

Freedom Wars [ via Siliconera]