This GameCube Joy-Con set was worth all the trouble it took to build


A one-of-a-kind wonder

You might’ve seen Photoshopped images of GameCube-style Joy-Con controllers for Nintendo Switch, but this project from Shank Mods a combination of a WaveBird and 3D-printed parts is the real deal.

Over the weekend, the creator uploaded a video detailing the fruits of their several-months-long labor.

The controller uses a WaveBird shell split right down the middle, 3D-printed parts to keep the Joy-Con board and slider rails in place, a custom-carved secondary Z button, four GameCube controller Start buttons to act as stand-ins for the Switch’s plus, minus, Home, and Capture buttons, Wii U stick boxes to enable the analog sticks to “click in” and maintain compatibility, and a fresh coat of indigo paint.

If that sounds like a scary amount of work, well, that’s just the gist. Think of the soldering!

The GameCube Joy-Con project wasn’t a solo endeavor, either Shank teamed up with other creators like Madmorda and Bassline to reach the finish line. To see the final result, jump to 11:29 in the video.

This probably goes without saying given the creation process, but the bespoke controller isn’t for sale. The GameCube Joy-Con were expensive, time-consuming, and “a pain to make,” according to Shank.

“I will not be making another set.”