This Humble Weekly Bundle is all about board games


Trade some money for some sheep

We don’t often highlight the Humble Weekly Bundle these days (more like Humble Weekly Burnedout, right?), but I couldn’t let this one go unnoticed. Just in time for International Tabletop Day, this week it’s all about videogame adaptations of board games. Aw yeah.

I’ll admit, the base bundle isn’t too enticing to me. I don’t know anything about Magnifico, I think Small World is just all right, and I’m not a fan of Talisman. Stepping up to the $7 tier is where it starts to get good. Catan: Creator’s Edition normally goes for $16 on Steam, and it includes the Cities and Knights expansion that I sorely missed from the old Xbox 360 version of Catan. Ticket to Ride is another great lightweight game too.

I’m not personally prepared to drop $32 on the highest tier, but it includes some actual tabletop stuff for those who go that high. There are some custom Humble-themed dice, meeples, and playing cards, along with some metal Monopoly-esque figures from Machinarium, Psychonauts, Super Meat Boy, and World of Goo. Pretty slick.