This is a release window announcement for the Nintendo Switch's GOTY


Grain of the Year

Nothing beats coming home after a long day of work and playing video games where you pretend to work. Nintendo systems have been lucky in that regard, with many critically acclaimed franchises likeAce Attorney and Trauma Center.Farming Simulator: Switch Edition aims to complete this holy trinity when it releases this November worldwide.

Over 250 authentic farming vehicles! Have you seen the sheer horsepower of some of these beasts in the trailer above? Beyond growing crops, you can also “take care” of all your favorite animals like cows and pigs by breeding them, killing them, and selling them for maximum profits. This release also allows a combination of touchscreen controls and button inputs when the console is undocked. Now, you can finally be a make-believe farmer whenever and wherever!

Well, I guess you already could on 3DS and Vita, but this is betterer.