This is one impressively silly Zelda: Breath of the Wild bomb launch


Brought about entirely by laziness

We all have known that feeling: getting to the top of the tower and trying to find an easy way down. Sometimes you can glide, sometimes you can’t! And it’s applicable to just about every game outside of the Assasin’s Creed series, which provides leaps of faith exits down to the ground by default. This Zelda: Breath of the Wild bomb launch exemplifies that feeling of impatience.

Taking place in the early game, Redditor Ycat137 makes their goal plain: “I was too lazy to jump down the tower steps.” We’ve been there! Instead, they opt to run over to the ledge, look for a body of water, and blast themselves toward it mid-air with a bomb. Amazingly, it works. It’s low-tech windbombing. In fact, most of you are probably expecting the windbomb to happen, but it didn’t. It’s the comedic setup that makes so many of these Breath of the Wild videos sing.

I’ve felt this way so many times with Elden Ring, which doesn’t have an easy access gliding mechanic. The number of times I’ve looked at a ledge and gone “can I jump down that chasm without dying” is in the hundreds. I’m on constant high alert looking for elaborate stones that can soften my fall, and falling down, in games, is an absolute art.