This Japanese Dragon Ball FighterZ overview trailer is just damn good to look at


Bulma is still the GOAT

Although I didn’t understand what anyone was saying, the context clues were good enough to gauge what was going on in this latest Dragon Ball FighterZ. Along with some of that good, good Bulma (who I hope gets to be a playable fighter someday), we get some new story mode cutscenes, a little bit of info as to how it works (going to certain points on a map to fight evil clones), some footage of the lobby and replay systems, and brief, brief looks at the newer characters like Tien and Nappa.

The rest of the information here is pretty much stuff we already know (other than the Dragon Ball collecting mode), but seeing more of Android 21 is very promising. Can’t wait to see how she plays.

Dragon Ball FighterZ hits PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC January 26.