This Metal Gear Solid Unreal Engine 4 intro isn't (les enfants) terribles


Bien joue

The intro to Metal Gear Solid is burned in my mind. Not just the opening cinematic, but the entire first hour or so, which felt like eons as I slowly grasped the game’s ins and outs and experimented with ways to mess with guards. I had also just come off beating the original Tenchu (they both released around the same time!), and was on an action stealth kick. It was a glorious time to own a PlayStation.

It’s not just that nostalgia trip that really drew me into this Unreal Engine 4 remake from YouTuber Warpgazer though. I periodically flip through my Metal Gearcollection and the original still holds up. The boss fights, the locales, the insanely long cutscenes: if you can deal with the dated visuals (or the GameCube’s Twin Snakes), you’re in for a ride even in 2018.

It’s also insane to hear phrases like “the remains of Big Boss,” and not think of all of the future implications over the next 20 years. Four minutes is all you need! Give it a watch and maybe replay Metal Gear Solid with me in spirit.