This new Bakugan Switch trailer explains the gist of the universe in five minutes


Marble monsters

Bakugan: Champions of Vestroia was revealed several months ago, much to the chagrin of folks who anticipated a big new WayForward IP (Nintendo was quick to walk back expectations there!).

Alas, Bakugan is headed for the gaming plane once again, this time with the creators of Shantae at the helm, under the publishing guidance of WB Interactive. If you don’t have a kid, you might be wondering what the hell Bakugan even is. Well, this video is here to the rescue.

In roughly five minutes, this extremely Saturday-morning-cartoon-narrated video gives you an overview of the universe, as well as how Bakugan work in general and the gist of the game. In short, the planetVestroia was destroyed and the Bakugan species came to Earth, creating all sorts of conflicts: kind of like a more aggressive Pokemon. The battle system vaguely replicates the real-life experience (gathering BakuCores to power-up the Bakugan).

Champions of Vestroiais out on November 3 on Switch; which could serve as a respite for kids who aren’t entering the “next generation” a week later.