This Pokemon Go Buddy Adventures ad isn't making me cry it's just dusty in here and also I'm crying


My buddy and me

Pokémon Gohas big plans for 2020. The blockbuster mobile app shows no signs of slowing down as it enters its fourth year on the market. It still rakes in millions of dollars each month, has a dedicated player base, and is continually updating with new features such, as the Go Battle League that’s set to debut next year. I don’t play Pokémon Gofor the battles, I do it for the exercise and traveling around my town with my Delibird in tow. Come 2020, our travels together will be even more impactful with the new Buddy Adventure system.

According to the developers, Buddy Adventures will help create a deeper bond between you and your favorite ‘mons. Feed them and play with them to improve their mood and as you increase your buddy level, you’ll earn certain perks such as help with catching wild Pokémon and CP boosts in battles.

There’s a lot more to it you can read about here, but really I just wanted to post this video announcing the mode because it is so darn adorable just thinking about it has got me all misty in the eyes again.

I’m gonna need a moment. Talk amongst yourselves. I’ll give you a topic: Kid Icarus is neither a child nor Icarus. Discuss.