This Pokemon Gold and Silver launch trailer brings back the memories


Look for ’em on the 3DS eShop this Friday

It’s funny to think that of everything the 3DS has going on as of late (Fire Emblem Echoes, Ever Oasis, Samus Returns, and next month’s Mario & Luigi), it’s the impending Pokémon Gold and Silver eShop releases that are most likely to have me digging out the handheld and playing until my hands cramp.

This launch trailer hits me hard. As a kid, I got a Game Boy Color and Pokémon Silver on the same day, right before our family was about to go on a road trip. What a combo that was at that age. I played the whole way, and to this day I still associate Lake of Rage and red Gyarados with my mom’s old minivan.

I have so many fond memories fused to these games. Friday’s gonna be such a nostalgic day.