This site lets you plan Dark Souls III character builds


All chest, no legs

While my most polarizing choices in the Dark Souls III (and most) character creator tends to be between hairstyles (hmm, this is closest in style to my goal, but looks more like a gross hat than hair), apparently some people are equally concerned with character stats and the like.

Dark Souls fan nemesismonkey built this website for building characters when the original launched and Naiyt took over in 2014, expanding the site’s support for Dark Souls II, Bloodborne, and the newly released Dark Souls III.

“It allows you to thoroughly plan out a character build before spending potentially dozens of hours creating it in game,” Naiyt told Kotaku. Between 150-200 characters are built in the tool daily, and not only for the newest entry. “I’ve talked to a fair number of Dark Souls 1 character builders who say they rarely even play the game anymore, but still enjoy planning out characters.”

While the average player doesn’t necessarily need the tool going in with the intent of getting to the end, folks who push these games to the extreme, or build characters around a single weapon and spell set, et al, might find it useful.