This Sonic Escape from the City remix with the Persona 5 singer is lovely


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If you’ve played modern Sonic games, odds are you know “Escape from the City [City Escape].” Or “Live and Learn.” Or “Open Your Heart.” There’s a lot of tracks to choose from! But you probably haven’t heard this new Escape from the City remix yet, from Persona 5 singer Lyn.

Released this week on YouTube, you can check out the memorable song in funk remix form, featuring vocalist Lyn Inaizumi (known professionally as Lyn). She rose to fame with Persona 5‘s killer soundtrack, and has been performing for basically every Persona 5 piece of media since, amid other projects like the Lupin the 3rd franchise.

The song is actually part of a project called “Sonic Sessions,” which is a new series of remixes that will arrive “over the coming months.” Sonic is going to have a pretty big 2022 if these continue to be bangers, the Sonic movie sequel is good, and Sonic Frontiers actually hits the 2022 release target!

Having heard this song hundreds of times, I appreciate the new relaxing take here, both from an instrumental and vocal perspective. I’d love to see more unique takes on these songs going forward. I’m going to assume one of them will probably get a metal remix.

If you’re interested, the entire Escape from the City remix track info is:

Escape from the City – Funk RMX
Performed by S.A.M.E. feat. Lyn
Arranged by Dean Dimarzo & Jun Senoue