This week's Rain World update addresses common complaints


You won’t lose your map progress, for starters

It’s a shame about Rain World‘s brutal reputation, but I’m still keeping an eye on it to see how things progress from here. Videocult has already responded with a patch “intended to accommodate some early player feedback and polish assorted rough edges on the various game systems.”

The idea behind this “quick patch” was to smooth out the player experience without stripping Rain World so far back that it would totally lose its “unforgiving and even occasionally unfair” nature.

Gameplay improvements:

  • “Stuck in holes” fix – disconnected exits will no longer snag you
  • Subtle backlit slugcat in low visibility swimming situations
  • Quicker turning around in tunnels
  • Larger lung capacity while swimming
  • Nerfed the more intense waterfalls in Shoreline to prevent repeated drownings
  • More pearls near Scav tolls in Garbage Wastes
  • More food in central Garbage Wastes
  • More food in central Shaded Citadel
  • More karma flowers in world
  • Karma gate requirements on the Shaded Citadel, Drainage System and Underhang side were lowered to prevent players becoming stuck in challenging regions
  • Food / karma flowers regeneration now ticks forward on deaths (helps eliminate stuck / starvation situations at low karma)
  • Players will now keep map progress between deaths (I’d say 99.5% of people asked for this)
  • Map now features gate karma symbols and shelter icons when locations are discovered
  • Karma depletion on game exit removed if done within 30 seconds of sleep cycle
  • Full karma drop on exit bug fixed (that was a brutal one, sheesh!)
  • Intro cinematic is now skippable by holding start / esc
  • For players having issues with Grey Screen of Death and starting the game from save files, you can now entirely skip loading the intro by holding “s” when pressing “New Game.” hopefully this helps until we have a real fix!
  • Many many minor room fixes

Stability improvements:

  • Map loading bug fixed (was causing the corrupted savs, ugh)
  • Gate crashing bug fixed
  • Assorted stability improvements

The team also says it expects to deliver more patches and eventually new content.

Hello friends and slugcats! We present to you patch #1: Rain World v1.01 [Steam]