Those are good secrets, Doom


Nostalgia’s a hell of a drug

During yesterday’s live-stream reveal of the Doom campaign, our comments section lit up with people exclaiming that this Doomwasn’t enough like the Doomthey knew and loved. It turns out that the single-player portion is actually harboring several secrets that are almostexactlylike the Doomthose people hold so dearly.

In an IGN video, id Software shows off a secret in the game’s first level. Finding a hidden lever opens a hidden wall, and that leads to a recreation of a section of the classic “Nuclear Plant” level from the original Doom. What’s more, the textures and monster placements are the same; however, the enemies have plucked from this Doomand transplanted into the 23-year-old level.

I’m hesitant to call this an easter egg because id Software actively puts an emphasis on finding these retro callbacks. Each level houses one secret like this, usually just a snippet of a classic map. But, finding it will unlock the full level to be played from the main menu. That’s too much attention to warrant calling them easter eggs, but these are fantastic secrets nevertheless.