THQ Nordic has a tempting PS4 Humble Bundle



THQ Nordic has snatched up a wide selection of IPs across numerous genres, making the publisher particularly well-suited for the video-game-bundle treatment. The last bundle went over well. This one should too. Everything’s playable on PS4 and they even included a bit of Darksiders for old times’ sake.

Pay $1 or more:

Pay more than the average (which is currently $11.45):

Pay $15 or more:

This is a healthy mix of games we all know about but might’ve missed and flawed gems that flew under the radar. I wouldn’t be as jazzed about the bundle if it were for PC, but on PlayStation 4, it stands out.

These deals will run until November 13, 2018 at 11:00am Pacific.

Humble THQ Nordic PlayStation Bundle 2 [Humble Bundle]