THQ Nordic insists that Dead Island 2 is not quite dead yet


I mean, if you were still waiting for it…

Although it’s been a solid five years since its original reveal, with things going very quiet in the interim, it appears that Dead Island 2, the sequel to head-lopping adventure Dead Island, is still in development, with new details to come at some point in the future.

For a quick recap, Dead Island was an open-world first-person adventure depicting the aftermath of a violent, zombie-esque outbreak taking place at a tropical holiday resort. It won many eyes and hushed whispers thanks to its dramatic and smartly-directed reveal trailer, before we all played it and realised it was rubbish.

Dead Island 2 reared its decayed head at E3 2014 with another very cool trailer, but things seem to have tapered off, with neither developer Sumo Digital, nor publishers Deep Silver or THQ Nordic, having much to say or show regarding the title in years. Yesterday, however, during a THQ Nordic conference call, CEO Lars Wingefors specifically mentioned Dead Island 2 by name, noting that we should all “Stay tuned.”

As the sequel was always planned as a PS4 and Xbox One release, even back in 2014, there’s still time for the game to drop before the generation ends, unless THQ has some amazing next gen release in the works, about to surprise us all. It will be interesting to see if Dead Island can rise from the bloodied sands once again, this time without the same bug that caused me to die because I kicked a beach ball.