To hunt a God: The hidden appeal and payoff of Monster Hunter


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There has been a lot of Monster Hunter talk lately and I thought I would reach out to the people who may be interested, but see it all as a bit impenetrable. To be fair, it can be a lot to take in all at once. So before we get into it proper let me start by getting you HYPED UP AS FUCK.

Tell me you don’t want to go out and punch a building sized monster to death right now

I’m not going to run you through a dry and rote explanation of the games mechanics. That’s not what this is about. After plowing over five hundred hours into this franchise I would probably just bury you under far too much information. Feel free to message me personally for that. I am here to stoke within you the fire that will burn ever brighter as you find yourself coming against monsters that, quite frankly, will outclass you. That will to get up again, dust yourself off and get back out there makes up the core of the Monster Hunter experience; You will come up against seemingly unbeatable odds and will triumph over and over again simply because you needed to. I have been told that this game has a difficulty barrier, but do not stress! It is not as Crash Bandicoot-esque as it first appears.

So you want to hunt a monster, eh? Let me tell you truthfully what you’re getting into here.Monster Hunter is a game wherein you (ahem) hunt monsters, obviously. Once you have hunted enough monsters you canwear those monsters. Once you wear those monsters you hunt elder monsters. After you have hunted those monsters, you hunt gods.

That’s it. Forever.

Lets do this!

Well, obviously not forever. You also deliver eggs.

I get hyped up for hunting monsters: I really do. It is a game where you need to level yourself, if you play From Software games you’ll know what thats all about. Your individual character will not get any stronger just through the simple act of hunting and likewise, your weapons and crafting of armor is proportionate to the monsters you hunt. You will only ever be as strong as your last successful run of hunts, more or less. That style of gameplay always sticks with me. There is something I find enthralling about the idea that under all this armor and hulking swords that i am more or less the same person that started the game. The difference now is that my will and determination has lead to the development of the skills I need to stand toe to toe with a snake the size of a mountain. The sheer amount of time that consumes my thinking about various ways of better or more efficiently hunting monsters; Next time should Iuse my hammer set-up to break the horns? What if Istick with my great sword and get my cat buddies to bring hammers instead? That way Ican remove the tail while the kitties break the beak.

I think i forgot to mention that you also get a horde of cats to help you. I like cats.Probably too much.

Monster Hunterhas an undeniable magic to it and I hope that I was able to spark a bit of interest in it for you. This game means a lot to me. I play it when Ineed to feel empowered. I play it when I want to feel wonder. I play it when I need to reach my zen place. Inever realized how odd it is that Iuse this game to both pump me up and calm me down until Iwrote the words out, but it does. It truly does. There is an ‘eye of the storm’ quality to having a pair of wyverns utterly destroy you.

You just have to get back out there and show them who’s boss, y’know?

Bonus: Listen to FalKKonE (They did the Symphonic Monster Hunter Theme cover)