Toast your buns for BurgerTime Party! on Nintendo Switch


Yo, this isn’t what I ordered…

It looks like the classic platforming title BurgerTime is preparing to make a comeback, on the Nintendo Switch no less, as developer G-Mode Corporation has teased the release of an all-new sequel BurgerTime Party! (The exclamation mark is what makes it a party.)

The original BurgerTime, developed by Data East hit the arcades back in 1982. It sees chef Peter Pepper attempting to build some tasty burgers – apparently twice his size – while fending off living foodstuffs with his handy pepper shaker. It was a fun time and a very successful arcade.

There is very little to show of the game so far, practically nothing in fact. You can check out some artwork in the slight trailer above, whilst shedding a nostalgic tear for the Data East logo. As to whether Chef Pepper can still cut it in this scary modern world of Uber Eats and Deliveroo, we’ll just have to wait and see.

BurgerTime Party! will launch on Nintendo Switch later this year