Tony Hawk confirms new Tony Hawk game on Tony Hawk's Instagram


Tony Hawk has talons of steel and a beak that can pierce souls

Remember when Tony Hawk’s catering guy screwed up and accidentally announced a new Tony Hawk game on Instagram? Unsurprisingly, the game’s been officially confirmed by Tony Hawk himself now via Instagram.

The post is a video by skater Rob Wootton, parodying the time-honoured tradition of the games’ character select screen being full of people who are either drunk or on a boat (seriously, why can’t they stand still for five seconds?). In the description Hawk confirmed a new game is happening, and we’ll have “details soon.”

Select your character (by @rob.wootton) I am sharing this now in honor of our next game having been accidentally “leaked” recently… THPS fans will rejoice. Details soon.

A video posted by Tony Hawk (@tonyhawk) on Apr 21, 2015 at 2:48pm PDT

At the moment, there’s no further information about the game than it being a real thing. To be honest, I’m hoping it’s an Underground 3. The first two were fantastic and were my first foray in to skateboarding games.

Whatever it is, let’s hope they’ve kickflipped that stupid board peripheral from Tony Hawk: Ride out of the fucking window.