Total War: Three Kingdoms' first DLC pack tackles the Eight Princes


New standalone campaign

Sega and Creative Assembly have announced the first DLC pack for their hit strategy game Total War: Three Kingdoms. Called Eight Princes, the new standalone campaign will be set about 100 years after the events from the “Three Kingdoms” period and focus on the civil war that broke out among the rulers of the Jin Dynasty. As the title implies, this will introduce eight new factions for you to control with legendary princes as their leaders.

The leaders included will be Sima Yong, Sima Jiong, Sima Yue, Sima Ai, Sima Ying, Sima Lun, Sima Liang, and Sima Wei. Each will have exclusive units and traits that will bring different playstyles to the base Three Kingdoms game. There’s also talk of an alignments system that will allow your faction to set their beliefs a specific way. Choosing from Spirit, Might, or Mind, you’ll be granted resource bonuses that will help improve either your military or cultural growth on the campaign map.

Total War: Three Kingdoms – Eight Princes will be heading to Steam on August 8, 2019, for $8.99. A pre-order discount knocks 10% off the price.