Trails of Cold Steel 1, 2 are finally PC-bound


More voice acting too

When I search for headers, I Google the name in Japanese to get unique screens (but that’s my secret; don’t tell anyone else). What came up for The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold 2was a lot of romancin’. Like those heroines, the PC is getting more lovin’, as the first two Trails of Cold Steelgames will be ported there. The first game will release sometime this summer with 50% more English voice over dialogue. Trails of Cold Steel 2comes to PC eventually.

While the PC-based Japanese role-playing game fans are still waiting for big boys like Personaand Final Fantasy XV, perhaps the increasing number of PC ports will eventually persuade Square and Atlus. It’d also be nice if this sets the precedent for Trails of Cold Steel 3to launch simultaneously on PC if it’s localized.